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Joshua & Caleb

I don’t know who had more fun doing the lesson, the preschool children or me!  We started out in our classroom where I told the story of  Joshua & Caleb spying out the land of Canaan.  After the story, we made binoculars (which you can read about in the craft section).  The kids thought that was fun, but then I told them that we were going to use those binoculars to be spies!

What do good spies do?  They have to be VERY quiet and not let anyone know they’re around!  Little did they know that not too far away in another part of the church building where our noise wouldn’t interfere with the adult classes, we were going to look for those huge yummy grapes, just like Joshua & Caleb did.  Be careful!  There could be giants that we have to sneak by.

With myself as the leader, my co-teacher at the end of the line, and about 8 little ones in the middle looking through their awesomely cool binoculars, we set off to find the promise land.  Periodically on the walk, I would remind them of how quiet spies had to be, but they were already being very careful not to disturb any bad guys out there.

When we got close to our destination, we looked ahead and saw the biggest, juiciest grapes you’ve ever seen. (OK, they were large purple balloons blown up and clustered together.) It was our mission to get some of those, but incredibly there actually was a giant, I’d guess him to be in the 9 foot tall range standing nearby!  (Actually, it was a giant made before to be Goliath that was created out of foam board, a coloring book, and an overhead projector).  The looks on the kids faces when I gasped at the sight of the giant, then they saw him, and knew they had to be brave enough to get some grapes to take back home (class), was priceless!

I am happy to report that we were successful in our mission, we returned to our homeland, and had a snack with some previously cut up grapes!  Mission accomplished!

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