Mary Did You Know

The song entitled, “Mary, Did You Know” has become one of my favorites.  It has a beautiful melody, but much more beautiful are the lyrics that raise so many interesting questions. Have you ever taken time to think about what Mary did or did not know about her precious child?

As a mother, I remember looking intently into the face of my beautiful babies with hopes and dreams for what their futures would hold. Mary knew her child was different from the beginning due to his miraculous conception (Luke 1:26-46).  But did she fully understand what this meant and what His life would be like? I realize my questions far exceed the revelation of Scripture, but they are interesting to meditate on.


  • Surely every faithful mother has prayed for her children, as I’m sure Mary did as well. Have you ever wondered what she might have prayed for?
  • We know that Mary and Joseph saved their little boy when Herod sought to kill him, but did Mary realize all that it would be involved in her baby boy saving her?
  • What kind of “proud mama” moments would Mary have experienced when she saw her Son showing compassion to and healing those who were sick and disabled?
  • As a little, Jesus would have come to Mary for comfort. While she must have realized He was the “Messiah,” did she realize that when she kissed her little boy, she was kissing the “face of God?”
  • Did Mary fully comprehend that her Son was the one who created the universe? (Colossians 1:16)
  • As parents, having a child who is very sick or in great pain is so hard to bear.  What would it have been like for Mary to watch her child be tortured and murdered before her eyes?

Luke 1 records that Mary was a highly favored one and that she was blessed. But with privilege comes responsibility. She had to parent God who was living with her in the flesh. Not unlike Mary, God lives with us too; not in the flesh but in our hearts. We too must remember that with privilege comes responsibility.