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Moses Crosses the Red Sea

Moses leading the Israelites through the Red Sea is a really fun story for preschool age children.

A really cute idea for a visual is to use little toy Bible figures or even the Fisher Price Little People.  You create the Red Sea and dry ground using felt.  The Little People create a line of people walking through on the dry ground as you tell the story of Moses.

After telling or reading the story, I had the children act out the story.  I chose one child to be “Moses”.  He got to wear a card with the name, “Moses”, tied around his neck with yard and he carried the staff (long stick).

I tore a long piece of dark blue bulletin board paper to be the sea.  Down the middle of the sea, I put pieces of brown paper to form the “dry ground”.  Along the side of the dark blue sea, I had cut out fish from construction paper.  Our “Moses” was the leader as our little Israelites followed him down the path and through the sea.  It became a short version of follow the leader.

After following Moses across the dry ground, we needed a little snack to remind us of our story.  Exodus 15:8 tells us that the water was congealed.  Sounds kind of like Jello to me!  So, I prepared a pan of blue Jello jigglers ahead of time.  Inside the Jello, I put gummy fish and gummy sea creatures.  After taking the Jello out of the pan and putting it on a plate,  I cut a path through the middle so that there would be dry ground in the middle.  I did a short retelling of the story as we ate our jigglers.  The kids LOVED it!

I found a paper craft where we made Moses crossing the Red Sea online to complete this lesson.  We all had a fun time!

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