The List

Do you love making lists? Confession time…I am a compulsive list maker!  I keep a “Things-To-Do list”, a “Grocery list”, a “Future Projects List”, a “Christmas Shopping List”, a “Menu-for-Each-Holiday List”, and the list (get my pun), goes on!

When I was a teenager in a girls’ Bible class, we were challenged to think about and make a list of things we wanted to find in a husband and check it from time to time. (Yes, Steve passed all the points!) I find that having things written down and checked off keeps me focused on what is important.  Without it, I am liable to forget what I’m supposed to do and not get a fraction of the things done.

We plan for anything in our lives that is important to us (e.g. vacations, weddings, holidays). If something is important, we plan and give thought to it. So what about keeping a list and making a plan for our spiritual life? Not some kind of mental checklist that is vague and immeasurable, but one that has a purpose and plan. Here’s my challenge for you…on your “To-Do” list, plan for these 4 things:

  • Bible study
  • Serve others
  • Evangelize others
  • Encourage others

As Christians, these are things that we should be doing.  If we find ourselves too busy, we may need to re-think what is on our “To-Do” list (Ephesians 2:10). As we practice doing these things, they will become second nature to us over time. If we aren’t planning for them, we may not be engaged in doing them at all.

Figure out what type of Bible study works best for you and do it. When you read the church bulletin, look for people who have needs and plan how you can serve. Pick a non-Christian or a wayward Christian that you can reach out to. If you know of someone going through a difficult time, pray for them and then let them know that you’re praying. A text or Facebook message can let them know you care.

It’s all about keeping our eyes open for opportunities and training our minds not only to be watchful for opportunities, but to create opportunities (Matthew 5:16).

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