Learning Styles-Auditory

The second most common learning style after visual learning is auditory learning.  This group of individuals will learn best by listening and and by speaking.

So how do you know if a child is an auditory learner? Auditory learners tend to benefit the most from the traditional teaching techniques.  They enjoy a lecture-style approach as well as participation in group discussions.  They may like to read slowly and are good at explaining material.  They also learn well by listening to a CD or some other media.  They may follow spoken directions well,  but not written directions.  They may like to read aloud and may be distracted by background noise.  They may like to talk to themselves and have difficulty being quiet for long periods of time.

So what are good strategies to use in your Bible class if you have an auditory learner?

  • Read the Bible story aloud.
  • Use a study group or a study buddy to learn information.
  • Use CD’s or audio tapes with  recorded material.
  • Create your own audio tapes by reading books or other information into a recorder.
  • Use singing to teach memory work.  There are great songs that can help teach books of the Bible, days of creation, ten plagues, sons of Jacob, and lots of other memory work.
  • Use drama in class, having children act out Bible stories.
  • Use videos that will appeal to the auditory and visual learner.
  • Use voice tone, inflection and body language to help maintain the child’s interest and attention.
  • Let the child speak on a certain topic.  For example if you were studying the twelve apostles, you could have each student give a report, telling about information found on that apostle.
  • Use repetition to memorize and memorize by reciting information aloud.
It really isn’t hard to incorporate some of these methods into your teaching.  Just don’t get stuck teaching every class the same old way week after week.  We want to be sure to teach according to each child’s needs!

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