Slow Down….What’s Your Hurry?

05_Flatbed_2 - JUNE Original Filename: 76548479.jpgHave you ever started off a new year with the goal of reading through your Bible in a year?  I know I have.  The plan was to read three chapters a day and five on Sunday to complete the reading.  Have you ever failed at that goal?  My hand goes up!  I start well, but half way through January something will happen that I miss a day.  Then I need to read six chapters.  Oh no!  I had an extremely busy Sunday so now on Monday I have eight chapters to catch up on and it is already 10:00 pm.  I am regretting that I never took the “Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course”!

While I in no way want to discourage those of you who are successful in reading through your Bible every year, I want to offer what I believe is even better.  (You know there are lots of passages that speak of what is good and what is better)!  What about reading a small section of scripture, part of a chapter, or even just a few verses and then meditate on them? Maybe it isn’t just once a day, but as you are getting ready in the morning, during a lunch break, and again in the evening.  We often talk about the passage to “pray without ceasing” meaning that there should never be a time in our life that is characterized by a lack of prayer.  We are not expected to be marathon prayers.  I think the same can be true in the area of Bible reading.  We don’t have to be marathon readers, but it is always on our mind.  I can read the smaller section of scripture and then keep it in my mind throughout my day.

I have read Psalm 119 several times lately in preparation for a lesson. I was struck with certain words used over and over again in this chapter.  I always tell teachers that the best way for a child to memorize things is by repetition.  Maybe God is using that method in teaching us.  He tells us to “meditate” on scripture eight different times in that chapter alone.  He also tells us to “delight” in His word ten times.  Somehow, I don’t feel like I’m really delighting much less meditating when I get behind on my daily reading and then I am racing through to get done before I pass out on my pillow.

A favorite line from the Andy Griffith show comes to mind.  “Slow down.  Take it easy.  What’s your hurry?”  I think they must have borrowed that from King David!

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  • Kim, Just love this article! Sometimes I don’t want to stop when reading in scripture because it’s all so good. Sometimes I don’t want to keep going because the passage I’m on is too good to move on.

  • Thank you so much for this article, Kim. I am working on a lesson now on “Feasting on God’s Word.” While I think it is great to read the Bible in this way,I have found myself falling behind (and feeling guilty) or not really meditating on the passage. I love to ‘take my time’ and reap what the scripture is saying. Thanks for your thoughts!

  • For 25 years I read the Bible through cover to cover and I am glad I did it! Each year got easier than the last, and those long confusing sections grew clearer. Now I read it slow, and the slower I read it the better it gets.