Some “Do’s” for Great Teachers


Do you all remember this teacher from the television show, “Little House on the Prairie”?  Miss Beadle was a favorite among her students.  She was the perfect example of a teacher who was dedicated, gentle, and kind-spirited just like we should be.

In this follow up to the post “Characteristics of Great Teachers“, here are ten more ideas for things that we can do as teachers that will help us improve in our Bible classes.

Do over plan.  There’s nothing worse than to have 15 minutes of class time left and then realize that you have run out of things to teach to an active group of two year olds!

Do use your time wisely.  We have so much to teach and so little time as it is!  Be prepared and focused so that you won’t waste a minute.

Do come up with your own ideas.  Don’t depend exclusively on materials from a publishing house.  You do not have to have natural creativity.  Find ideas on websites, blogs, or Pinterest that will liven up your teaching and your classroom.

Do speak highly about anything that pertains to spiritual matters.  Never find yourself making a joke of the church or belittling its leaders.  We should strive to encourage children to become preachers, elders, or Bible class teachers.  Why would they ever want to become something that is the butt of a joke?

Do be approachable.  Don’t be so “teacher-ish” that you appear to be stern, unapproachable, and serious all the time.  Have fun with your students!

Do have vision and high expectations for all students.  Set the bar high for what you expect them to learn and to memorize.  Do not ever “dumb down” your teaching.

Do be prayerful.  Pray for and with your students.  Take note of what children tell you that is going on in their lives so that you can pray about it.

Do teach Bible.  Get rid of the fluff!

Do keep the message plain.  Don’t make things complicated.  Habakkuk 2:2 says that the message should be made so plain that if you are running, you could read it.  Speak to children on their level of vocabulary and understanding.

Do realize that we are doing one of the most important works in the church.  We have little souls in our charge that we can influence for eternity!