We Need a Teacher’s Resource Room-3

So here is my final post on teacher resource rooms.  I wanted to mention the role of the Resource Room’s Coordinator.  Every resource room should have someone responsible for keeping up with materials and keeping things up to date.  Here are a few of the possible job responsibilities of the coordinator:

*Organize all materials
*Laminate & label everything
*Catalog teaching aids
*Keep up to date inventory list
*Provide check-out system
*Return borrowed materials to correct place
*Repair visuals as necessary
*Regularly check and replace consumable supplies
*Purchase or make new aids as needed for curriculum lessons & enlist others help
*Work with teachers to have things cleaned out of classrooms at the end of every quarter or lesson series

I have seen resource rooms that were kept under lock & key where the coordinator kept strict controls on everything.  I have also seen rooms where no one is in charge and the room quickly goes from organized to disaster.  I believe that somewhere in the middle is best.  A room that is open & inviting will encourage teachers to come by at their leisure to work on materials for their classroom.  Having someone who is in charge will make sure that everything gets back in its place and stays organized.  It is quite a job to keep a resource room in good working order.  We should appreciate anyone who is willing to take on this good work!